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Our service is in real terms a high speed supply after a careful inspection of production, selection and packaging based on the needs of the customer and the product.

Our plants are equipped with the most innovative machinery and systems for processing fresh products, such as calibrating and weighing systems to guarantee quantity, netting machines and coding systems to offer a wide and complete range of packages. We have cells for storage and rapid cooling to ensure absolute freshness of the product. We use the modern Hydra Cooling and Vacuum technologies. The company is certified by the National Institute of Foreign Trade for Quality Assurance in the processing steps and respects the standards according to the law 155/97 on HACCP for company hygiene.
We are in a position to serve the various European markets as we are prepared for the standards EUROPOOL, STECO, IFCO, etc. .. (Box Logistics)
We specialize in packaging in baskets of 1.0 - 1.5 kg, bags, boxes and nets of 1.5 - 2.5 kg. Our company's objective sums up to offering a high quality-to-price ratio without neglecting the flexibility based on the actual market demands.

"Flexibility and Innovation"